How to stay healthy during your travel to India


India is a place of wonder, a place of journey and spiritual awakening. it is the historical birthplace of ayurveda, and it’s far the source of the extraordinary herbs used in vpk® by Maharishi Ayurveda formulation. Staying wholesome as a Western vacationer in India may be a challenge. I realize this from journeying there seven times over the past eight years. the first 3 visits I contracted dysentery and changed into cooped up in mattress for as a minimum five days each time.


 After receiving remarkable recommendation from greater skilled India tourists, knowing what to bring to India, and applying the ideas of Maharishi Ayurveda, i’m satisfied to file that i have not been unwell as soon as in my beyond four journeys.

 here are my top tips for staying healthful at the same time as traveling in India using Maharishi Ayurveda:

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 1) Don’t overeat

 As simple as it is able to sound, in my experience, overeating is the number 1 cause of having sick in India. We recognize from ayurveda that it is good to consume to seventy five% of potential, and this will’t be more actual than while in India. because our Western immune systems aren’t used to the micro organism found in India, it’s miles critical that we don’t tax our systems from overeating. In truth, on every occasion I’ve gotten unwell in India, it was preceded by using overeating.


 2) Take Bio-Immune and cold climate defense

 Bio-Immune strengthens immunity by doing away with pollutants that weaken the immune machine. It also facilitates reduce strain and promotes healthy liver function. i have found this system to be very helpful whilst traveling in India.


 bloodless climate defense is first-rate at assisting clean the lungs and sinuses. because India is one of the maximum polluted places within the international, it’s far critical to strengthen your lungs to assist your body cope with the sometimes-intense toxicity found in India.

 3) live properly rested

 a prime way to stay healthy in India is to get sufficient relaxation. this means no longer exerting oneself an excessive amount of by way of journeying for too many hours in in the future, spending an excessive amount of time in the warm solar, or in reality staying up too past due at night time. In ayurveda, sleep is one of the pillars of health, and it’s recommended to go to bed through 10:00 p.m. and get up in the morning with the aid of 6:00 a.m., or dawn, whichever is in advance. This couldn’t be greater real in India.


 4) devour only cooked meals — keep away from salads and juices

 Cooking kills all the microbes that may be gift within the food and water. additionally, cooked meals is usually less difficult to digest than uncooked food. I advocate one avoid ingesting any salads or fresh juices even as in India, due to the fact inevitably there can be some infected water involved. Even in the five-star resorts, I’ve seen a chum go through after drinking some impossible to resist juice.


 five) Drink superb water completely, and stay nicely-hydrated

 The water from the faucet is nearly always hazardous to drink and can be contaminated with coliforms, amoebas, heavy metals together with arsenic, and other pollution. therefore, I suggest one drink handiest bottled water or water that has been via a thorough purification process.


 Staying well-hydrated is an obvious precept of ayurveda that ought to clearly be observed inside the more often than not warm, dry weather of India. you can actually upload lemon and salt to the water for extra electrolytes, and of path avoiding cold beverages facilitates too. truely don’t placed ice to your drinks due to the fact, again, the water that was used to create the ice isn’t trustworthy.

 6) enjoy a few nearby end result for strengthening natural immunity

 it is exquisite to recognise that some of the pleasant Indian culmination additionally help save you getting “Delhi stomach.” One factor to be careful of is, whilst you peel the fruit, make sure you’ve got a easy knife and smooth the fruit itself, as the water used previously to smooth it is able to have been contaminated. here are a few of my preferred fruits to be had nearly anywhere in India:

 Coconut water: taking part in the water of a clean, young coconut is incomparable on a warm day in India. This magical water is a maximum pleasurable and delicious nectar, and it also inherently has electrolytes and anti-dysentery features. In ayurveda it’s additionally referred to as a “mahamedhya,” this means that a fantastic rasayana (or nourisher) for the mind.


 Pomegranate: A sparkling pomegranate is so candy and comforting for the digestive device. truely there may be a announcing in India, “ek anar saw bimar!” which is translated to, “One pomegranate for one hundred illnesses.” it’s far a prized tridoshic (balancing to all three doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha) fruit that shouldn’t be ignored. The only precaution with pomegranate is being cautious now not to stain your garments!

 Guava: some other deliciously wholesome fruit that grows almost anywhere in India. This tasty fruit enables prevent diarrhea, constipation, colds and pores and skin irritations. The crucial issue is to attend until it’s ripe, after which the flavor is other-worldly.



 India is a exquisite location to go to. For Westerners, we just need to bear in mind of our health which will derive the maximum leisure out of the adventure. i am so thankful for knowing these concepts of Maharishi Ayurveda, and that i advise you attempt them for your subsequent journey to India.


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